West Side
Polihale State Park
Just past the Pacific Missile Range Facility gate on Highway 50, a sign posted by the Hawaii Visitors Bureau points to a dirt cane-hauling road angling off to the left. Follow the road for about five miles and you'll arrive at Polihale State Park. The park has a beautiful 3-mile long beach. However, the ocean here can be dangerous, with a severe shore break and rip currents.
A better bet is found at the 3.4 -mile mark along the cane road, where the road curves near a large monkeypod tree. Take the fork to the left and park almost immediately. Walk north along the beach until you come to a hollow in the coral. This is Queen's Pond. It's usually calm here except when high winter surf comes over the reef. Click here for an additional image by Fred Patricio, Jr., here and here for additional images by an unidentified photographer.

Photo by: Liz Hahn-Morin.

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