South Shore
Maha'ulepu Beach
Maha'ulepu Beach is great spot for exploring. There are petroglyphs in the area, and the water is usually calm due to a protective reef and shallow water. The name Maha'ulepu means "falling together," as in two warriors falling in battle. When King Kamehameha attempted to invade Kauai in 1796, many of his war canoes were sunk during a storm in the channel between Oahu and Kauai. However, a few managed to land here on the beach. The warriors who made it to shore were exhausted. Kauai's defenders caught them sleeping near their canoes just before dawn, and slaughtered all but a few. Those who escaped, fearful of facing Kamehameha's wrath, paddled all the way to the Big Island. Click here for an additional image by Nick Galante, here for one by an unidentified photographer, and here for an additional image by Poipu Beach Resort Association.

Photo by: Nick Galante

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